I imagine that some people may be interested in seeing the source code of All Things Devours. Perhaps you have a casual interest in how interactive fiction is written in general, or perhaps a particular interest in the time travel mechanics. A good fraction of the five thousand lines is devoted to the latter and, while my code is not neat, it can hopefully show you the basic concepts involved (such as dealing with the actions of past selves and checking for inconsistencies). It would not be easy to hack this code into a game that uses same time travel dynamic, but with a different setting and puzzles. However, it would be a lot easier than writing such a game from scratch. If anyone wants to try to do such a thing, they are welcome to and I look forward to seeing what they come up with. The code is in the public domain, so everyone is welcome to do with it what they may.


Oh, and I should say that it is written in Graham Nelson's very nice language, Inform. This is one of the most popular IF languages and deservedly so.