I woke up with air in my lungs and stars in my hands,
A fine wrought and matchless machine by an artisan grand,
I was an angel to have and to hold,
My eyes starred with silver, my veins thick with gold.

These words of dark glittering beauty were penned by David Kipp, singer and songwriter for the Melbourne band known as bathysphere (previously baobhan sidhe). He is an undiscovered jewel and this greatly surprises me as he is the clear equal of Nick Drake or Tim Buckley, quite capable of attracting the type of following they hold. David's voice is simply the most haunting I have ever heard and does perfect justice to his tender lyrics.

Unfortunately, the band has not been able to perform for a long time and may well dissolve. I have been to every announced performance since I first saw them play and they have all been simpy unmissable. If you ever get the chance to see him play, do so. I hope I will again.

They have only one released album, with a mere six songs, and it is only available directly from bathysphere. If you would like to hear their music, let me know and I will try to arrange something. I just can't bear to think that there won't be any more. It has been an honour to hear what I have...

I dream of a beautiful friend in a room with a fire,
I sleep undisturbed by the glory to which I aspire,
I pray that when I wake tomorrow I may,
Have love in my actions and blood in my veins.