Release 3 (post-competition):

  To the best of my knowledge there are no bugs in release 3 of All Things Devours.

Release 2 (post-competition):

  There is a moderately serious bug wherein the clock is not advanced when you light a darkened room. As you might imagine from the nature of Devours, this has various run-on effects and actually means that certain inconsistencies are not noticed, making the game a bit easier.

Since this is a timing related bug, it means that the walkthroughs became invalid with this new version and have been updated slightly.

Release 1 (the competition version):

  If you try to enter some of the doors in the corridors (the unimportant ones), a programming error is generated. If this happens, you will either have to 'undo' the move or 'restart'. This nasty bug is fixed in version 2.

There are some problems with the resolution of ambiguities. If there are two indistinguishable objects in a room, the game tends to make the unfortunate assumption that you are referring to the one you are not holding. This is handled much better in version 2.

'Inconsistencies' can spuriously arise in the equipment rooms due to an error in the way I handled the darkness. Once again, this is fixed in version 2.