Stockholm Grand

Great buildings of this beautiful waterside city.
Stockholm Small

Lovely alleyways and details from around the city.
Sculpture in Stockholm

Like Dublin, Stockholm has a wonderful collection of scuplture scattered therin. These are but some of my favorites.
Walking Home in Stockholm

The walk home from the university to my apartment took me alongside the shores of lake Brunsvikken. These were taken while coming home for the final time, and savouring each detail.
Magdalen Stone

What can I say? I seem to be addicted to Magdalen.

A week away with friends at a little cottage named Hellsgarth, surrounded by snowy peaks. My first proper English holiday, and in the Lake District no less.

Winter landscapes around the emerald isle.

While we only spent a few brief days in Dublin, our friends there showed us her many charms. By the end, we were quite smitten.
Christmas with Dette

Dette came over from Australia for the Christmas break and we took these photos together in Oxford and Brighton.
Third Michaelmas at Holywell

Another beautiful Autumn in the gardens.
Autumn in Cambridge

Wandering round the colleges on a stunning, frosty Autumn's day.
King's College Cambridge

After attending evensong in the chapel the night before, I returned to King's and found a changing beauty through the day.
St John's College Cambridge

From gothic magnificence to quiet peaceful Englishness.
Cambridge Friends

What magnificent surroundings in which to meet old friends.
Bonfire Night

A new Balliol tradition of fireworks over the Master's field on Guy Fawkes night.
Summer in Oxford

Some photographs taken over the long vac.
Summer in Cambridge

The other place.
Birthdays in Brighton

A lovely time relaxing and playing down in Brighton.
Woodstock With My Love

The most glorious afternoon of my summer. A simply magical picnic in the grounds of Blenheim palace with my dearest.

My first trip to Woodstock, on a lovely summer's evening.
In the Praefectus' Garden

Glorious springtime in the garden of the Praefectus of Holywell Manor.
Winter Thoughts

A few images from my second Hilary term
Michaelmas Once More

Back in Oxford for another majestic autumn.

Summer in Paris. The Palais Royale.
A question. An answer.
Beating the Bounds

An ancient ceremony wherein a dedicated troop of schoolboys hit things with sticks, the parish of the University Church of St Mary the Virgin is defined and much cherry cake is consumed.
Magdalen Bejewelled

Early spring at its finest.
Magdalen White

Lily white in the snowy dawn.
Hilary at Holywell

Perhaps not so pretty as Magdalen, but I'm more than happy to call it home for the next few years.
Oxford in the Snow

A look around Balliol, All Souls and St John's Colleges.
More of Oxford in the Snow

Merton, Christ Church and the Botanic Gardens.
Dinner with the Master and Fellows

'The Master and Fellows invite all Graduates to dine with them in Hall on Wednesday, 21st January 2004 at 7.15 for 7.30 pm. There will be drinks in the Senior Common Room before Dinner.'
Ashes and Wildflowers

A walk around the Mount Buffalo plateau in early summer, a year after the devastating bushfires.
December Wanderings

A chilly winter's evening by the dark Thames and the beautiful stillness after everyone has gone to sleep.
A Balliol Christmas

Carols, sherry, fairy lights, mulled wine and Christmas as it is supposed to be.
Dinner with Jesus

Our exchange dinner at Jesus College
Balliol Arts Fair

My exhibit in the yearly photography competition.
Michaelmas at Holywell

What a wonderful, wonderful place.
Misty Morning Matriculation

A memorable oxford morning.
New York City

A startlingly impressive city of colours and lights, high glamour and hard, hard times.
The British Isles

Scattered images from Scotland, Wales and England.


In the royal apartments of Louis XV.

L'Art Parisienne

Beauty everywhere one turns.
La Vie Parisienne

This is the way it should be.


A lovely visit to Heidelberg and the Black Forest to visit our dear friend Andrea.
Valentine's Day Protest

The largest protest in Melbourne's history, filling Federation Square with all the pain, love, life and hope needed to prevent the war. We are sorry.
Nighttime on Flinders Lane

This is Melbourne.
Return to Fontainebleau

One last look...

A beautiful property once belonging to the artist Frederick McCubbin, now being slowly reclaimed by the earth.
Farewell to Kent St...

A last, loving look at my old family home.
...and its Gardens

In which much childhood was spent.
The Mountain (warm)

A lovely trip away with my parents and girlfriend. It was my first ever use of an SLR and I am quite proud of these early photos.
The Mountain (cool)

Skies reflected in deep pools and quick streams.
Dishevelled Dryad Loveliness

Here she is. My treasure over the sea.

I would never be able to get away without including any pictures of myself, so here some are.